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The booking process

How do I make a booking at Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental?

  • The booking process takes only about five minutes. First, you need to select the pickup and the return location, the booking period, and then click the "SHOW OFFERS" button. You will see a list of all available cars together with the total rental price, including pickup and return fees. You can then choose any of the available cars by clicking on the "BOOK NOW!" button, which is directly below the price of each car. On the following page you can supply further details like payment and insurance options and, of course, your name and address. The next step will let you confirm all your data before finalizing the booking process. Immediately after, you will receive a confirmation of receipt via email. One of our local partners will be informed about your booking, too. As soon as we get the green light, we will send you a booking confirmation and invoice via email.

How can I pay?

  • We can receive payment through a number of different methods. Currently you can pay via Cash Cheque Bank transfer, and NEFT.  Please note: bank transfers are not available for last minute bookings (less than 3 days before pickup).
  • Will I receive the exact vehicle that I chose?
  • We try to deliver the exact vehicle model that you booked; however, there are rare cases when this is not possible because of accidents, repairs or simply bad planning. The good news is you will always receive a vehicle of equivalent or higher value than the one you have chosen. Cars that have the same daily rate on our website are defined to have equivalent value.

Is there a minimum booking duration?

  • Our minimum booking duration depends on model and availability. For short rentals, we might also impose a surcharge. Such surcharges, if any, will already be included in the quoted prices.

How do I add extra features?

  • You can add extra features like child seats or satellite navigation (GPS) during the booking process, when you also supply your name and address. Upon demand we can also supply you with a driver.

What are the cancellation terms?

  • If you need to cancel your booking, you can do it free of charge 48 hours before the rental period without any restrictions. If you cancel your booking after that period or give the car back before the end of the booking period, we will charge 30% of the remaining rental fee.

Crashes and breakdowns

What happens if I am involved in a car accident?
  • In case of an accident, please inform the hotline mentioned on your booking confirmation as soon as possible. A friendly employee at Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental is available 24 hours a day. He or she can organize a replacement car for you and help with other issues like filing a police report, which is mandatory for insurance reasons.
    If the police determine that it was 100 % the fault of the opposing party, you will not have to pay for the damage. If the accident was your fault and the damage exceeds or equals your deductible, we will still only retain the maximum amount.

hat happens in case of breakdown?

  • Even though we only broker well maintained cars, we cannot eliminate the possibility of a breakdown. We can understand your frustration if this happens during your holidays. Therefore, we will try to get you a replacement car or roadside assistance as soon as possible. On your booking confirmation you will find the telephone number of our 24-hour hotline, where our friendly employees are waiting to help you out in any situation.

Insurance and liability policy

Which insurances are included?
  • All cars under Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental have full comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW), which includes theft protection (TP). The insurance covers all cases except accidents caused from driving under the influence, violation of the rental terms or culpable negligence. Damages on the bottom of the vehicle, loss or damage of the car keys as well as personal belongings are not covered.
Is there a deductible in the event of damage or loss?
  • By default, you have to pay a certain deductible (depending on country and type of car). The deductible is the maximum amount you will pay in the event of an insured damage or loss. You have the option to waive the deductible (SCDW) by paying an additional fee per day. You will be able to see the exact fees and to choose one of the options after you have selected one particular car during the booking process. Please note that the deductible is applicable on a per-incident basis.

What are the advantages of Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental?

  • Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental stands for reliable service. We achieve our high standard because we work closely with major subcontractors; oftentimes, these subcontractors also work for the well-known car rental companies. Normally, each of our separate subcontractors has their own unique policies and it can be a headache for customers. Unlike other companies, because we work closely with our subcontractors we are able to provide some standardize of the rental process and make it easier for our customers to rent a vehicle and enjoy their vacation. Another big advantage of renting a vehicle through Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental is our price. At the big rental companies, customers pay a premium mostly because of costly marketing programs; however, at Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental we provide you with the same car and the savings are passed on to you.
Who are the people behind Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental?
  • Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental is a brand of CHEEMA TOUR AND TRAVELS. We have been in the car rental market and travel industry for over many years and started out in the Delhi car rental market. The company’s headquarters are located in New Delhi but we have expanded around the Indian State. Our employees speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi fluently.
 Is it safe to book a car online with Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental?
  • We can honestly say that booking a car with us is 100% safe and your money is guaranteed. Here is why:

    a) If any of our suppliers runs into financial difficulty, your money is still safe. At Cheema Tour & Travels Car Rental your funds are not released to our suppliers until you return your vehicle.

    b) The risk of us going bankrupt is very low, because as a broker we have much less financial commitments than a car rental company. We have a lot of experience in handling large amounts of money that is not ours. 

    c) Paying your invoices online is reliable and secure with our system. We don’t have access to any of your financial information. If you pay through ONLINE, the payment is made directly with the servers of our bank. Anybody who says they are hacker proof, lies or does not know better. But if there is nothing to gain for a hacker, we can all sleep better.
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